“How it is like being a student in Istanbul Aydin University?”

As a senior student in Economics and Administrative Sciences faculty who spent almost two years studying online, I did not really have a chance to experience university life properly because of the pandemic outbreak. But for what I have experienced so far it was really fun. Istanbul Aydin University is full of many different nationalities and backgrounds, and this is what differentiates us from other universities. The fact that our university has more than 4000 students from 101 different countries around the world is what makes it special.

Being a student here means hearing a variety of languages everywhere you go around the campus, being in a place where respect is shown to everyone regardless of their ethnicity, religion, culture and so on. There is also meeting with friends for lunch or coffee in the campus, walking or running “if you are late to the class” from one block to another, studying as a group in the library preparing for the exams, the adrenaline before taking an exam, enjoying the variety of activities the university holds every once in a while, and many other things. All these things that I have experienced in a short time did not last unfortunately because of the pandemic. However, it is all truly missed. Experiencing the university life here in Istanbul Aydin University as a foreign student is one of the most exciting things I have experienced in my life, and I cannot wait to live the university life face to face again soon and make more memories.  

-Dania S.


Research and Development (R&D)          Serdar BATU
Atatürkist Ideology Club Onur GİDEN
Aydın Nourishment ClubCemre İNAN
Aydın Development ClubVildan SEVİM
Aydın Young Kadem (Women and Democracy Association)Sena GÜLER
Informatics and Technology ClubKaan ÖZBUDAK
Scientific Researches ClubGizem SUMAKTAŞ
Scientific Congresses Club Emek Öykü KAYA
Civil Aviation Academy ClubAtakan HACIOĞLU
Environment and Sustainable Campus ClubBüşra YAR
Dance ClubAybars TÜRKET
Worthwhile Works ClubBaşak Nilay YÜCEL
Outdoor Sports ClubŞevval TAÇGIN
Literature Club  Ayşenur FIRAT
Drama in Education ClubSefa KOÇ
Non-disabled AYDIN (Education) ClubGözdenur TİLKİ
Ethics and Animal Rights ClubKemal Umut YILMAZ
Opinion and Movement ClubUfuk Can KEKÜLLÜOĞLU
Photography ClubBurak Buğra ÇELİK
Journalism ClubSinan DAŞPINAR
Young Thinkers Club Yüksel Berk TARZAN
Young Entrepreneurs ClubM. Sinan KILIÇ
Young Vision ClubYusuf ÖZTÜRKMEN
Aviation Space and Science Club Çağrı TEMEL
Law Club Kaan BAYRAM
Liberty and Justice Club Mustafa PEHLİVANLAR
Istanbul Aydın Medical Students AssociationBurak KÜKA
Istanbul Aydın Eagles ÜNİBJK ClubEmre GÜNDOĞDU
Human Resources Management ClubMana KALAYDIN
Islamic Thought and Activity ClubMuhammet Ali ALBAYRAK
Business and Economics ClubBurak KONYAR
Culture and Art ClubMikail GÜNEŞ
Architectural Restoration ClubHazal YILDIZ
Architectural Awareness and Design ClubBurakcan ERDOĞAN
Accounting and Finance ClubSena HAZAR
Music ClubAhmed Raşid KILIÇ
Textile and Design ClubMert DEMİR
Theatre ClubÇağan MUDANYALI
Turkish Red Crescent ClubSemih BİRİCİK
Audiology and Healthy CommunicationCanan HODAMAN
Preschool Education ClubSimay IŞIK
Politics and Diplomacy ClubBurak KULALI
Project Management ClubBatuhan BAKAR
Psychology ClubGizem Selcan ARSLANDOĞDU
Advertising ClubAnıl BULUT
Chess ClubHarun VARDAR
Fight Against Cigarette ClubUlaş Özgür YILMAZ
Political Science and International Relations Club Kaan Hayri BİLEKLİ
Health Management ClubLevent TUMLUCALI
Sport ClubOğuzhan KESER
Sport Managers ClubMelisa MARAZYAN
​Social Sciences Studies ​Cihan ABİ
​Social Service and Solidarity Club ​Burak HATİPOĞLU
Turkish Life Club ​​Cansu KUŞ
​Trabzonspor Club​Ömer PANK
​Social Sensitivity Club​Medya BİLECAN
​UltraAslan UNİ​Burak GÜLEŞ
​Production Researches Club​Aliberk CANDOĞAN
​Women in Business Club ​Ceren DİŞBUDAK
​Zihgir Archers ClubOnur TERZİ