Arabic Language Training

About Program

  • Attendance


  • Duration

    24 Months

  • Level

    Masters (with thesis)

  • Locaiton

    Florya Campus


Arabic Language Teaching Master’s program is primarily an opportunity for academics working in this field. Our time, in place of being a university degree in business substantially in recent years has left to be a graduate master’s or doctoral degree. As in many areas of the Arabic Language in Education field, the number of graduate and doctoral degree graduates wishing to obtain a license has been increasing.With the spread of Islam outside the Arab, the religion’s holy book in Arabic, has been recognized as an important and necessary not only to learn the language to the other folks are not Turks. On the other hand indispensable parts of the cultural heritage of the Turkish nation of thousands of manuscripts and printed works to be written in Arabic, our nation has resulted in the acceptance of the major languages of the language. The Turks, from the Seljuks with the Arabic-speaking community increasingly political, not economic, and cultural relations in the language of the factors which increase the importance of the Turkish society Although ignore the historical dimension of the relationship with olmuştur.türk nation in a moment, Arabic today gradually hardening activity between the important and world languages a is language. Because Arabic is a language spoken by a population of almost 22 Middle East countries, 200 million. There is also a language used by close to 1 billion people in 24 non-Arab Muslim countries. Oil production and petrochemical industry due to the world’s attention is on the economies of many Arab countries. International trade, political science, international law, history and culture students can gain a lot by learning Arabic. Archeology and ancient pyramids in Egypt, Arabic literary and historical monuments such as the intensity of sphinxes, are items that increase the importance of learning Arabic. All these statements should issue today to learn Arabic will be sufficient to cause a degree of explanation. Thus Arabic Language Education graduate program is a necessity.