Elementary Education

About Program

  • Attendance


  • Duration

    18 Months

  • Level

    Masters (Without Thesis)

  • Locaiton

    Florya Campus



The mission of the program ; Classroom Teaching in educational areas of production in the area of Turkey and humanity needs is the primary first level to educate students in the school, the community will be a guide to their form healthy relationships between each other and to contribute to the development of teachers and also the university examining these issues in mind and principles of science and Turkey needed to train qualified academics. Elementary Education, which adopts contemporary approaches in master’s degree programme; aimed at training individuals, who are aware of current assessment and evaluation approaches, who can organize teaching activities in the direction of technological development, who can apply various teaching methods and strategies, who have creative thinking s and entrepreneur skills, who are good at doing research on their field.

Department Opportunities

Applicants from outside the area can continue to study by taking the courses in scientific preparatory courses.

Career Opportunities

Ministry of Education official as an inspector and as a deputy state schools opened by the universities to fulfill the necessary conditions depending on the condition that staff work as an instructor. Post-doctoral programs can be made Master of the transition.