Istanbul Aydın University Dentistry Faculty was founded in order to educate well-equipped dentists who have a good grip of modern technology. The Faculty also aims at providing  quality dental services for public.

During their five year education, students are taught, by our eminent faculty, theoretical and practical knowledge relating to dentistry. Education is concluded with as humanitarian dentists join society.

The principles of the Bologna Process and hence the European Higher Education Area(EHEA) have been  adopted in preparing the educational program of the Faculty of Dentistry. The duration of education is 5 academic years consisting of 10 semesters, each 18-week long and the level corresponds to long first cycle  degree program equivalent to a combined bachelor’s plus master’s degree program. The ECTS credits of the  program is 300 with each semester having 30 ECTS student work load. One ECTS is equal to 27 hours per semester student workload for the Faculty of Dentistry. Diploma of the Dentistry programme is equivalent to a master’s degree diploma.

Our goal is to continue this individual oriented education and keep up with modern developments.