Message from the President of the Board of Trustees

Dear Youth,

Nowadays, there is a need for human power that can respond to the expectations of the society, dominate the use of information and technology, speak at least one foreign language in business life, that researches, inquires, and produces; renews itself in every area as well as the information necessary for life, that is participant, can think and work independently in universal dimensions. 

Taking into account the needs of our times, we have established a foundation vocational school as being the first in this field in our country to provide higher education for high school and equivalent school graduates, raise the high quality human power that our country needs, and contribute to the formation of trained human resources.  

It is a higher education institution that will bring you the knowledge, awareness, entrepreneurial and creative spirit that the 21st century requires with its expert teaching staff, privileged, contemporary and constantly renewed programs, vocational English language preparatory school implemented for the first time in Turkey, contemporary technical equipment, ergonomic physical structure, distinguished solution partners, international education cooperation, freedom of unlimited learning which provides undergraduate education and its continuing education process, and its rich social structure. 

I strongly believe that, only on your shoulders, the Modern Turkey will be able to grow in the fields of science, technology and world politics and take its place among the leaders of the world.

I wish our students to plan their careers as being the best of their professions and to salute a happy future. Working continuously to make these wishes come true, and now, contemporary “ISTANBUL AYDIN UNIVERSITY” with the mission of being the world’s exemplary university, which we believe will play an important role in the development of our country has acquired the vision of becoming an entrepreneurial university as a duty and responsibility while educating the young generation embracing the targets constituting inalienable and unalterable values of the Republic of Turkey.

We strongly believe that Istanbul Aydın University is going to educate students as young people with the opportunities and privileged qualifications to improve themselves in the international arena, will represent our country in the best way on the world platform, raise our country to the position of the leading countries in the light of the principles and revolutions of Ataturk. Happily recognizing this, we believe that the journey of our country towards modernization will only gain speed through education.

Doç. Dr. Mustafa AYDIN