Food Safety

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    48 Months

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    Florya Campus


The institute, upon a request by the program director, may require the prospective student to enroll in additional courses if his/her background is not considered to be sufficient to follow the program requirements.

Doctorate Program in Food Safety is a 180 ECTS credit program with a duration of 3 academic years and with 6 consecutive 30-ECTS semesters. The regular program consists of 7 courses of 21 local credits and a thesis. The course work has 60 ECTS credits while the thesis has 120 ECTS credits.

The main objectives of the programme can be listed as follows: to graduate scientists capable of using acquired knowledge and skills, to train food engineers in developing and/or applying new ideas to various practices and complex problems in food engineering research or industrial environments through a fruitful interaction with other professionals who play a significant role in food production such as food chemists, microbiologists and food technologists.