The development of a country is directly related with its standard of education and science in our contemporary world of knowledge, communication and  technology. The most outstanding feature of an educational system is the teachers  who play the key role in running the system effectively and efficiently. Teacher Training Institutions at Educational Faculties in Turkey carry great  responsibilities with regard to training well qualified professionals in the  field of education.

The main aim of the Educational Faculty is to equip the students with the  most updated scientific developments and studies carried out in the field of  education so as to make them highly specialized professionals who have self esteem and respect for others, believe in the ideals of democracy,and can think freely and critically.

The  Faculty of Education of Istanbul Aydin University follows and adopts the changing trends in the teacher education with the aim of graduating its students to become top professionals in their field with special emphasis on improving the professional skills as well as their general knowledge and competency in their field of study which are considered to be the three most important dimensions of teacher training programs worldwide.