Turkish Language and Literature

About Program

  • Attendance


  • Duration

    24 Months

  • Level

    Masters (With Thesis)

  • Locaiton

    Florya Campus


Turkish language takes place among the most widely spoken languages of the world today. Turcology centers are established on various parts of the world. On the other hand, economical, cultural and literary relations with the Turkish communities improve day by day. In recent years, it is observed that having masters or doctorate degree replace bachelor’ s degree in order to get into the business life. As in many fields, in Turkish Language and Literature field, number of bachelors who want to acquire masters and doctorate degree increases. High school teachers that have made academic research come to the fore. Teachers employed by Ministry of National Education, who conduct masters studies are privileged. Our university regards this positive and beneficial idea a duty to be supported, in terms of teachers’ close pursuit of scientific developments and innovation of themselves. In our country, there is a big need for lecturers for the Turkish Language and Literature departments of new universities. In this program, it is also aimed that doctorate education be provided for our citizens who go abroad for postgraduate education and currency loss and brain drain be prevented. Regarding all these, Turkish Language and Literture department has opened a master program. In the courses given in this program, ways of analyzing Turkish language and literature with classical and new methods are demonstrated and Turkish language and literature is handled as a whole within its areas of extension.