Rector’s Message

Dear Youth,

Education is the main driving force in the development of a society. There are no developed countries that have not overcome the problem of education before developing. People of uneducated societies are struggling with dark thoughts that are outdated, not based on any scientific evidence and have no logical explanations. They cannot see the danger coming from inside and outside during this struggle. Within a short period of time, they become colony, satellite, a source of livelihood of the developed, powerful states. The most important resource to develop is the collective mind to use. The way to apply for this is the way of knowledge. Thus, it is education. The place where education is represented at the highest level is a university. While a university is being described, it can be listed as;

•      To educate a sufficient number of people in the areas that the country needs,

•      To spread enlightening scientific data through words, writings and other means,

•      To propose solutions for the training of professional staff,

•      To produce new educational technologies,

•      To develop the principles of education and training.

All these are the duties assigned to the higher education institutions, that are universities, by law. For this reason, universities are esteemed institutions which are intertwined with every segment of society, focused on solving social problems, bringing the developed technologies to the country while developing new ones, embodying administrators, researchers and scientists who are integrated with the world, sustain their works with free and independent contemporary thought, can suffer from the pain of the society, sensitive, emotional, self-sacrificing, and assertive. 

The increase in the number of universities, spreading over the country, the expectation of young people wanting to get university education are important criterions of the cultural development of a society. Every year more than one million young people, who are longing for college, return from university doors. Istanbul Aydın University is a university that has set its vision and mission as a roadmap to be a world university with its determined development targets, academicians, managers and administrators.

For eight years, it has done the duties it has promised to the society, has overcome the goals it has set, has gained the trust of our people and our students with Anadolu BİL Vocational School of Higher Education. We aim to increase this confidence even further with all faculties, schools and institutes of Istanbul Aydın University. 

Prof. Dr. Yadigar İZMİRLİ