Aydın TÖMER is a Turkish education course successfully teaching Turkish language to foreign students since 2011.From its early beginnings Aydın TÖMER has been hosting students from all over the world. Aydın TÖMER aims to teach Turkish to foreign students using the best educational methods possible, after completing our courses the student has the possibility of enrolling for a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or a PH.D. at Istanbul Aydin University.

Our center, which is an effective institution related to its field, aims to create the necessary learning environment for effective acquisition and reinforcement of knowledge and skills in Turkish language teaching, to do the research in its field, implement and publish in language teaching and thus to be a leading institution in Turkey and in the world.

  • Today, the Turkish language is the fifth most common language after Chinese, English, Spanish and Hindi; spoken by 220 million people in an area of about 120 million square kilometers; taught in more than 100 countries.
  • Turkish is spoken by more than 83.000.000 native speakers worldwide. It is the official language of Turkey and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. It is a widely spoken language by not only Turkish people in Turkey, but also by the people in other regions of Iraq, Iran, Syria, Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Eastern Europe, Balkans and Caucasus.
  • Turkish belongs to a language family of twenty written languages that exist as spoken or written languages in Eastern Europe, Middle Asia and Siberia. The differences between these languages are much less than the similarities. Knowing Turkish opens the doors of a region with great geopolitical importance.
  • The Turkish alphabet consists of 29 letters in consequence of Latin alphabet’s adaptation to Turkish. These letters are pronounced as they are written. Thus, it is very easy to learn and pronounce Turkish.
  • It is estimated that there are more than 20 thousand Turkish words used by the other world languages.
  • Turkish is the language of a country located at the intersection point of Europe and Asia and has a great importance strategically.
  • Turkish has 29 letters written in a modified version of the Latin alphabet and pronounced as it is written. Therefore, it is easy to learn and to pronounce.
  • Turkish is the language of a strategically important country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

The curriculum at Aydın TÖMER is structured according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” CEFR with its 6 skill levels.

 %50 off for registered university students (whom majors are not taught in Turkish).

A1Can understand known words and very simple sentences when spoken slowly and clearly. Can ask and answer simple questions if the subject is very familiar and some help is provided in formulating. Can write a simple, short postcard and fill out simple forms.
A2Can understand the most common words and single sentences. Can have a short contact conversation and communicate in simple, routine situations. Can write short notes and simple, personal letters.
B1Can understand the main conversation points if clear standard language is used. Can read and understand texts and letters written in very commonly used everyday language. Can participate without preparation in conversations about familiar topics. Can talk in simple, coherent sentences and explain plans and opinions shortly. Can write short, coherent texts about familiar topics.
B2Can understand longer speeches and follow even complex argumentations if the topic is somewhat familiar. Can read and understand contemporary prose. Can actively participate in conversations and communicate spontaneously and fluently. Can explain a point of view regarding a question of current interest. Can write clear and detailed texts about a variety of topics.
C1Can follow longer, even unstructured speeches. Can express himself fluently and spontaneously in conversation. Can express himself clearly and well structured in writing and make his opinions clear. Can effectively and flexibly use the language in social as well as business contexts.
C2Has no difficulty whatsoever to understand spoken language. Can read and understand practically any kind of written text effortlessly. Can speak fluently. Can write clear, fluent, and stylistically appropriate texts for any occasion.
A15 Days a week20 Hours160 Hours8Weeks
A25 Days a week20 Hours160 Hours8 Weeks
B15 Days a week20 Hours160 Hours8 Weeks
B25 Days a week20 Hours140 Hours7 Weeks
C15 Days a week20 Hours140 Hours7 Weeks

Registration Process

Online Application

Required Documents for Acceptance Letter

  • Passport (Photocopy)
  • 100 USD- Acceptance Letter Payment Receipt
  • 1500 USD – First Deposit Payment Receipt
  • Acceptance Letter Application Form (Available online / individually from TÖMER office)

1. You can apply individually or online in our course, after which a reply mail is sent to you.

2. The application form which is sent by our institution will be filled in completely.

3. In order for our trainees to be able to make a definite registration, they must have paid the course fees to one of the following bank accounts on their behalf.


Name of Bank:                YAPI KREDİ BANKASI
Beneficiary Name:          Istanbul Aydin University -TÖMER
Branch:                            SEFAKÖY BEŞYOL ŞUBESİ (815)
IBAN:                               TR31 0006 7010 0000 0054 7589 50
SWIFT KOD:                  YAPITRIS 

4. Acceptance Letter is sent as DHL in 2 official days after transactions or it is received by hand by the applicant.

5. The Acceptance Letter is sent to the Consulate via e-mail by TÖMER department after being scanned(If needed).

6. The student applies to Turkish Republic Consulate in his or her country with the acceptance letter in order to get TURKISH LANGUAGE LEARNING VISA.

7. The entrance is made 10 days before the starting date of the course in maximum after the visa has been received. (There is difficulty lived in official transactions in the event of early and late entrance to Turkey according to starting date of the course.)

8. As soon as the student enters into Turkey, (in first three says)  He/She must come into the IAU TÖMER office in order to complete the registration procedures.

NECESSARY documents required for the Registration after the Student Visa has been received and entered to Turkey. 

-Original Passport and Visa 

-2 Photos

-Registration Form Including Contact Information (It will be given by TÖMER office.)

  1. During registration procedures, the student must be present. Registration/payment on behalf of someone else can not be made.
  2. Course attendees will enter into “the placement test” after registration procedures have been completed. The information about the place and time of the test can be got from Aydin TÖMER web site or TÖMER office.
  3. On the condition that there is a valid excuse shown by the course attendee, his or her requests for freezing registration in a suitable period are evaluated by the administration. Their request for changing the class can be determined based on density of classes and other conditions  in the first week, which the related course has started. Refund is not made in the situations raised by registration freezing.
  4. The written contract should be signed by the student for a kind of starting late situation.
  5. There is a compulsory attendance for the courses in 80% rate. The attendee who exceeds this rate is regarded as unsuccessful and s/he is not taken into course completion exam. Course payment is not refunded for dates and hours which the student has been absent from the classes
  1. In the event that the visa is not received the applicant student must submit the visa refusal page.
  2. In this situation, the only course payment is refunded and the acceptance letter payment costed 100 Dollar is not refunded.
  3. The refund of attendees whose applications for our courses have been made by means of agency is made to agency. It is mandatory that agencies which have requested the refund have to give students’ information who requested the refund.
  4. Refund payment is made in time which is regarded as suitable by our University’s Account Department.
  5. The refund is made in three months by the sending date of the acceptance letter. The refund requests exceeding this duration are not met..
  6. Each student has to invest application fee on behalf of his or her name by opening his or her own account.
  7. It is mandatory that the student requesting the refund must fill a  “refund petition” and deliver it to TÖMER office.
  8. The refund payment can be only made to the name written on the receipt and it can not be made to an another account or name.
  9. We kindly request you to share information below fully with our department/account in order  a payment refund is to be provided to our foreign students.
  10. Bank Name Which is To Be Refunded:
    Account Holder Name:
    Account No:
    IBAN No:
  • ISTANBUL-FOR FOREIGNERS -Turkish Education Set- Moreover, the written and visual materials which have been prepared by our Professional staff are applied. The students can provide the course book from the stationery in C BLOCK, Entrance Floor.  


At the end of our online classes, a course completion exam consisting of four skills is given at all levels (A2, B1, B2 and C1) except for the A1 level. At the end of our face-to-face class, a course completion exam is held at all levels. The student who is successful in the exam has the right to move to a higher level. A student who gets less than 15 points in two sections or more repeats the level by paying $150. A student who scores less than 15 points in only one section will have a make-up exam for that section.

Verbal Lecture2515
Written Expression2515

Our placement exam is aimed at measuring four basic language skills. The level is determined according to the score obtained as a result of the exam, and the certificate appropriate for the level is prepared by Aydın TÖMER and delivered to the person.

* Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our STS exam is held online and face-to-face.

To register for the exam, you must send an e-mail to the following address:

[email protected]

– The Placement exam tuition fee is100$.

– Students are certified at the end of the placement Exam.


Verbal Lecture25
Writing Expression25
A120 – 49
A250 – 59
B160 – 69
B270 – 79
C180 – 89
C290 – 100
Point Distribution According To The Grades


The goal of this activity is to improve the speaking ability of international students at Aydın TÖMER and Turkish students at our campus by bringing them together for speaking practice. We aim to provide a friendly environment for international students to practice Turkish and our Turkish students to practice in the foreign language of their choosing. While practicing, you will find opportunity of widening your perspective by discovering new cultures.

Type of This Activity

In this activity, you will be attending speaking classes supervised by TÖMER teachers in a mixed classroom of international and Turkish students. For the course of two periods, you will be practicing Turkish in the first period and the other language (that the Turkish student prefers) in the second period. For this end, the teachers will put you in groups of two and match you with a different student each week, so that everyone in the classroom could meet and get to know one another. In this method, you will start by having some time for “free talk”, then the teachers will provide you with topics to talk about.

On top of that, some weeks we try to have different kinds of activities, drama and games that would be held class-wide or in bigger groups (of 3-4 people) in order to get you to talk. As you know, language is a communication device and we would like you to use the language you’re practicing while collaborating with your classmates by performing these activities. With these activities and games you’ll play, you’ll find the opportunity to use the language in a real-life situation.

Time Schedule

Two periods a week (45 min. + 15 min. recess + 45 min.)

Content of the Program

One period of Turkish, one period of other language practice.

Language Choices (Including but not limited to)

Turkish, English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, Persian

Method of the Activities

  • Groups of two
  • Practicing in bigger groups (of 3-4 people)
  • Drama and Games

Who Can Join?

Anyone who would like to practice in their foreign language, can spare 2 hours a week and can speak both languages with a proficiency of at least level B1, who is also a student or personnel of Istanbul Aydın University can attend this program. We also like to remind anyone who considers joining to be present as much as possible, as this type of classroom requires the presence of students more than the presence of teachers. Please keep in mind that each week you miss is a chance that your speaking partner will have difficulties to find someone to practice with. Constant absence with no valid excuses can result in being removed from the program.

“Merhaba İstanbul-Aydın TÖMER Summer School” is a three-weeks Turkish language and cultural learning program.

Come and join our fantastic “Merhaba İstanbul” Program and explore the beauty of Istanbul, while learning Turkish language and enjoying your time.

Program Activities 

  • 60 hours of learning Turkish language.
  • Weekends and weekdays picnics.
  • Turkish cultural activities.
  • Drama Class

Program Fee

Early Registration Discounted Fee: 800 USD

Enrolment Fee: 1000 USD

Program Fee Includes

-Acceptance letter (with one-month validity).

– 60 hours of Turkish language classes (total duration of classes during three-weeks).

– Accommodation for 20 nights.

– Course Materials.

– Every weekend sightseeing tours (Bosporus Boat Tour & Historical Peninsula).

– Graduation Ceremony.

Dates & Registration

Program Dates: 18 July – 05 August 2022

Early Registration Starting Date: 04 April 2022

Early Registration Finishing Date: 30 April 2022

Registration Deadline: 03 June 2022

For more information about the program you can contact us through our e-mail 

[email protected]

Or you can contact us on this number

+90 212 4441428 Ext: (12821-12811)