Istanbul Aydın University is committed to internationalization of its student body and academic programs. IAU Directorate of International Relations is responsible for managing and developing international activities. Various offices under the directorate run student exchange programs such as Erasmus+ and study abroad programs, international summer and winter programs, full-time student recruitment activities, international student support services, and Turkish language courses for international students.


Istanbul Aydın University offers its students and staff the privilege to be part of an international academic community that spans across 30 European countries and 22 non-European countries, comprising of 295 possible destination universities for Erasmus studies/ traineeship and staff mobility through its Erasmus+ inter-institutional agreements. In the 2019-2020 academic year, 103 European students preferred us and we have sent 105 IAU students to European countries for an Erasmus experience that changed their lives.

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Erasmus+ is European Union’s student exchange program providing opportunities for students to study or gain work experience in a different European or non-European country for a period of at least 2 months and maximum of 12 months while completing a study degree at Istanbul Aydın University.

Who can apply?

  • Full time IAU registered students,
  • Students who have failed courses from previous years can apply for Erasmus exchange,
  • Students who have successfully completed the first semester of their degree program before the Erasmus+ mobility
  • Students who attended the Erasmus+ language written and speaking examinations,
  • Students who delivered all the completed Application documents in time to IAU Erasmus+ Office via Erasmus+ Online Application System: ,
  • Students who study any subject, both undergraduate and postgraduate, are eligible to participate in Erasmus+ program for studying abroad.

What are the Assessment Criteria?

The applicants will be ranked according to their “Academic Success” which will be calculated based on their academic CGPA and language proficiency from the Foreign Language Written and Speaking Exams.

A minimum CGPA of 2.20/4.00 for Associate and Bachelor’s programs and 2.50/4.00 for graduate students is required.

In the evaluations of Study – Traineeship Mobility; 50% of Academic Success and 50% of Foreign Language knowledge is taken into consideration.

When can you apply?

The application process takes places ONLY ONCE a year, usually at the end of the fall semester-beginning of the spring semester. You can follow the IAU Erasmus+ Office web page ( as well as your UBIS student account and our official social media accounts for the next Application term.

Who can apply?

All IAU Students who fulfill the minimum requirements mentioned in our call for application can apply. You should use Erasmus+ Online Application System at to submit your Application form and all your supporting documents, including CV in Europass format.

How much will it cost?

Students who participate in Erasmus+ Program continue to pay tuition fees at IAU, but are exempted from tuition at the host university where they spend their semester/year abroad.

Eligible Erasmus+ students receive an Erasmus grant which partly covers the costs of the stay abroad. The amount of the grant is different for studies and traineeships and depends on the destination country.

It is also possible to participate in the Erasmus+ program without receiving any grant.

A number of selected students can benefit from the total Erasmus+ Grant allocated to Istanbul Aydın University by Turkish National Agency. In consequence, IAU cannot guarantee that all selected students will receive a monthly Erasmus+ grants for their study/placement mobility.


Istanbul Aydın University has extensive and long-established links with over 295 Erasmus+ Partner universities around the world and provides its students and staff with numerous opportunities for participating in the Erasmus+ Exchange Programme.