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  • Duration

    48 Months

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  • Locaiton

    Florya Campus


• Basic information about scientific science, visual communication design principles, design rules, aesthetics, visual culture, scientific understanding and can transform this into practice, • Know the basic dynamics of visual communication design such as photography, computer, web design, desktop publishing, graphic, multimedia design, broadcast design, cyber culture, animation, typography, video and sociology, and creating composition by using current communication technologies, • Continuously improving itself in line with social, cultural, scientific and professional ethical values, open to change, • Observing social responsibility and benefit in their professional practice, • Can critically look at the world and himself/herself • Has an interdisciplinary view, • Attaches importance to research and development, • Demonstrate professional competencies and skills in all areas of visual communication design, To train Visual Communication designers.

In today’s multimedia field, students can work as a communication designer in all institutions and organizations related to magazines, newspapers, internet, intranet, cinema, television, graphics, promotion and advertisement.