Public Law

About Program

  • Attendance


  • Duration

    18 Months

  • Level

    Masters (Without Thesis)

  • Locaiton

    Florya Campus


Public law is an area of law, which regulates the relations between the institutions of the state and its citizens, or state. Nowadays, many people have a law degree. Both the public and the private sector are looking for persons who have done specialization. This situation has started racing for your specialization among lawyers. The Master’s program was opened to public law in order to meet this need. Those who want to specialize in a branch of public law work in this program create difference in their lives, career progresses, the development of public law reasoning, to assist the public who want to make a career in law, studied scientifically. In parallel with the development of the program of Public Law and International Law Public International Law, Criminal Procedure Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law of the European Union (Corporate Structure) Law, Comparative Medicine, Criminal Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Law, Environmental Law, Local Government Law, etc. classes are given. The student has the opportunity to choose courses based on interest in freedom. To-date information on the program will be able to follow new trends and developments, the information acquired in these areas to implement national and international legal field, which is appropriate to the problems faced by way of reason and justice, and will be able to interpret correctly the main purpose of the program and makes it possible to train lawyers. Established for this purpose in terms of graduate program courses are planned in order to enable us to achieve our goal. Possible changes in our legislation to be considered in the coming years and the course program, the necessary arrangements will be made.