The Faculty of Law offers a broad set of courses concerning all challenging   dimensions of contemporary Law. The curriculum is structured to provide the   students not only with knowledge in classical and substantial areas like   constitutional law, administrative law, civil law, commercial law and criminal   law, but also with basic professional information in other fields requiring an   international perspective of specialization like competition law, intellectual   and industrial property law, international commercial arbitration, European   Union Law and international business law.

The courses consisting of the Turkish positive law with national character   are given in Turkish while some others representing an international character   and/or which could be learned in a foreign language like International Business   Law, European Union Law, International Human Rights Law are given in English.   The basic philosophy of the Faculty is not to be “a school of a profession’’ but   to have a character of a forum where the students could gain, in addition to   basic professional knowledge, a scientific legal approach to follow and   participate in the permanent development of the world facing the challenge of   globalisation. The Faculty is conscious of the fact and the  program is   structured in such a way that the students shall have the opportunity to gain   and develop the ability of determining, searching for and achieving the   appropriate information they need.