Graphic Design

About Program

  • Attendance


  • Duration

    24 Months

  • Level

    Masters (With Thesis)

  • Locaiton

    Florya Campus



İstanbul Aydın University, Graphic Design Program with Proficiency in Art Program, is a program for designers and artists who have completed their undergraduate and / or postgraduate education in any of the fine arts branches of the related faculties who want to specialize in graphic design. Design aims to be a program in which a specific visual discipline or interdisciplinary methods, the process of creation is handled with a competent, conscious approach, design management is perceived in the context of time, space, society and culture with creative solutions.

Programmes Opportunities:

The program is a 120 ECTS credit program with a duration of 2 academic years, each with 4 semesters. The regular program consists of 7 courses of 21 local credits, a seminar and a thesis work of 60 ECTS credits with a normal duration of 2 semesters. The institute, upon the request of the program director, may require the prospective student to take additional courses if his/her background is not seen fit to follow the program.

Career Opportunities

Graphic Design The Proficiency in Art Program provides career opportunities as a Graphic Design Specialist in all private and public organizations with advertising agencies, graphic design offices, presses, press and broadcasting organizations, visual and digital media sector, internet marketing and web design sector, advertising and design department.