Dear  Students and Candidates,

The  advancement of societies is depended on the scientific, cultural and artistic integrity of its individuals. The science, art and culture are fundamentals  which are complementary of each other. Any deficiency among these elements  restrains the progress of the others. As for the social structure, it is established  in relation to art and culture.

Social structure shows positive signs of advancement due to the profusion of artists, artistic creation and art admirers. 
Istanbul Aydın University Fine Arts Faculty sustains its development on the above mentioned fundamentals.
As  we aspire to graduate contemporary artists, our Faculty has the most known  artist instructors of our country.
Our  students are taught the novelties of the art world through close international  relations and integration is established with European Universities.

Our  departments accept students through two stage talent exams. The preparatory  year is not mandatory. Each department has programs, courses and course  contents specific to themselves. In order for the students to be well-equipped  the departments also offer elective courses. 
The  programs aiming to prepare the students for the professional life mostly have  applied courses. Beginning from the first year and on, orientation and the  motivation for their métier is established by unique methods. It’s our goal to  train our students as good artists and art interpreters.

That  is the privilege of being a student in Istanbul Aydın University Fine Arts  Faculty.
Best  Regards,