Course Programs

The curriculum at Aydın TÖMER is structured according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” CEFR with its 6 skill levels.

 %50 off for registered university students (whom majors are not taught in Turkish).

A1Can understand known words and very simple sentences when spoken slowly and clearly. Can ask and answer simple questions if the subject is very familiar and some help is provided in formulating. Can write a simple, short postcard and fill out simple forms.
A2Can understand the most common words and single sentences. Can have a short contact conversation and communicate in simple, routine situations. Can write short notes and simple, personal letters.
B1Can understand the main conversation points if clear standard language is used. Can read and understand texts and letters written in very commonly used everyday language. Can participate without preparation in conversations about familiar topics. Can talk in simple, coherent sentences and explain plans and opinions shortly. Can write short, coherent texts about familiar topics.
B2Can understand longer speeches and follow even complex argumentations if the topic is somewhat familiar. Can read and understand contemporary prose. Can actively participate in conversations and communicate spontaneously and fluently. Can explain a point of view regarding a question of current interest. Can write clear and detailed texts about a variety of topics.
C1Can follow longer, even unstructured speeches. Can express himself fluently and spontaneously in conversation. Can express himself clearly and well structured in writing and make his opinions clear. Can effectively and flexibly use the language in social as well as business contexts.
C2Has no difficulty whatsoever to understand spoken language. Can read and understand practically any kind of written text effortlessly. Can speak fluently. Can write clear, fluent, and stylistically appropriate texts for any occasion.
A15 Days a week20 Hours160 Hours8Weeks
A25 Days a week20 Hours160 Hours8 Weeks
B15 Days a week20 Hours160 Hours8 Weeks
B25 Days a week20 Hours140 Hours7 Weeks
C15 Days a week20 Hours140 Hours7 Weeks