Let’s Talk (Haydi Gel Konuşalım)


The goal of this activity is to improve the speaking ability of international students at Aydın TÖMER and Turkish students at our campus by bringing them together for speaking practice. We aim to provide a friendly environment for international students to practice Turkish and our Turkish students to practice in the foreign language of their choosing. While practicing, you will find opportunity of widening your perspective by discovering new cultures.

Type of This Activity

In this activity, you will be attending speaking classes supervised by TÖMER teachers in a mixed classroom of international and Turkish students. For the course of two periods, you will be practicing Turkish in the first period and the other language (that the Turkish student prefers) in the second period. For this end, the teachers will put you in groups of two and match you with a different student each week, so that everyone in the classroom could meet and get to know one another. In this method, you will start by having some time for “free talk”, then the teachers will provide you with topics to talk about.

On top of that, some weeks we try to have different kinds of activities, drama and games that would be held class-wide or in bigger groups (of 3-4 people) in order to get you to talk. As you know, language is a communication device and we would like you to use the language you’re practicing while collaborating with your classmates by performing these activities. With these activities and games you’ll play, you’ll find the opportunity to use the language in a real-life situation.

Time Schedule

Two periods a week (45 min. + 15 min. recess + 45 min.)

Content of the Program

One period of Turkish, one period of other language practice.

Language Choices (Including but not limited to)

Turkish, English, Chinese, French, Arabic, Russian, Persian

Method of the Activities

  • Groups of two
  • Practicing in bigger groups (of 3-4 people)
  • Drama and Games

Who Can Join?

Anyone who would like to practice in their foreign language, can spare 2 hours a week and can speak both languages with a proficiency of at least level B1, who is also a student or personnel of Istanbul Aydın University can attend this program. We also like to remind anyone who considers joining to be present as much as possible, as this type of classroom requires the presence of students more than the presence of teachers. Please keep in mind that each week you miss is a chance that your speaking partner will have difficulties to find someone to practice with. Constant absence with no valid excuses can result in being removed from the program.